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a geography of being – Title Screen

This is the title screen for the new game that I’m building. The video game is one component of the installation titled “a geography of being” that will be featured as part of the exhibition Regeneration at the New York Hall of Science. “a geography of being” is a creative reflection on the realities of undocumented youths in the United States. The exhibition opens on October 27th 2012 and will be on view through January 13th, 2013. Along with the video game, “a geography of being” will feature kinetic wooden sculptures titled “undocumented drones” that are networked to the game to help the player along the three levels of the game.

MaGiKworld Animation Studios

Today I watched an animated adaption of Mo Willem’s “Kunnfel Bunny” and waited to see who produced the animation. It was MaGiKworld Studio. So I looked them up online and was surprised to see that they freely present their animations online. We just had to watch “Where the Wild Things Are” and they did a great job of staying true to the simple sincerity of the story and the aesthetics. Unfortunately, they aren’t available full-screen, but still a good quality. Check them out – MaGiKworld Studio.

Rotoscoping Workshop @ Santa Fe Art Institute, July 30 & 31

Rotoscope Sequence
Rotoscoping is a sequence of traced drawings to create an animated version of live footage.

On July 30th and 31st, Brooke and I will be teaching a rotoscope workshop at the Santa Fe Art Institute.  It’s a 2-day workshop from 10am to 2pm each day and it’s open to 12 participants.  We’ll present as much as possible during the two days and give everyone a clear understanding of what rotoscoping is and how to execute a rotoscope animation.  The workshop will be divided between presentation and production.  Join us, it should be fun! Contact Cathy at 505-424-5050 or to register

Rotoscoping, one of the oldest techniques for animation, is the tracing of live-action footage, frame by frame, to create an animated version of the movement that may later be modified to create a fantastic short.

Participants will be shown basics of video editing, using Apple’s Final Cut Pro, and introduced to Adobe Flash, the software used for animation and basic drawing. In order to rotoscope, the still images from the videos will be exported from Fincal Cut and brought into Adobe Flash for tracing. Participants can elect to creatively modify or transform the recorded motion rather than strictly follow it.

One of the earliest examples of rotoscoping is Max Fleischer’s, “Out of the Inkwell”.

Rotoscoping is the second exercise that I present to my Intro to 2D Animation students at Hunter College and they have a great time with it. Here are a few examples to extended rotoscoping projects:
“What Are You?” by Daniel Salgado, Untitled by Ryan Cruz, Untitled by Mica Tan.

Full Version of Iggy’s ABC Now Available!

Iggy’s ABC has been revamped with a host of new friends. Each letter of the alphabet in English and Spanish now has an accompanying animal flying through space. Rollover the animal and see it’s name. The first letter of the name is the letter of the alphabet that Iggy is listening and looking at. I had a lot of fun drawing the animals and coming up with flying machines for each animal that isn’t winged. Stills from the various animals are below.

A for Alpaca
A for Alpaca
H for Hippo
H for Hippo

M for Mandrill
M for Mandrill